The first time I knew about Sunday Riley’s new oil, Luna Sleeping oil, was in a post of the amazing Caroline Hirons. Since that moment, I’ve seen it pop up everywhere: social media accounts, blogs, youtube, magazines… causing great levels of excitement and adoration (it was sold out just minutes after being launched in Sephora USA).

I’m very skeptikal about all the supossedly amazing properties of all this type of producs that cost more than my phone bill (it is insanely expensive, £85.00 at CultBeauty and Space.NK, $105.00 at Sephora USA), the question here is, is it really worth all the hype?

According to Sunday Riley’s website, it is a “next generation retinoid oil that reduces pore size, improves appearance of damaged skin, and helps fight wrinkles”. In common language, a nighttime oil. It also says that there is a trans-retinoid ester in its composition, more stable compared to traditional retinoid ester, qhich means it should be more gentle and can be used by irritation prone skin like me. It has a nice blue color that the company attributes to the blue Tansy, a plant known for its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it is used to soothe rashes and redness of the skin and helps to relax the mind and combat stress, but if we take a look at its composition, we will find two dyes (CI 61565 – Green 6 and CI 60725 -Violet 2) that are known to irritate the skin. Marketing?

That being said and after two months of use in my dry and dehidrated skin, it is time to share my experience. Do I like it? Yes, i love it! Have I noticed an improvement in my skin? Well, I have to say I don’t usually have pores or a lot of wrinkles or visible marks in my skin (except one little scar in my chin), so I haven’t noticed big changes, but I feel my skin more plump and hydrated, softer to the touch, and the little scar seems to be less noticeable.

Would I buy it again? The results are very good, and the fact that it doesn’t irritate my skin despite having retinol in its composition sums many points in its favour, but it is so expensive…   The results showed in my skin are very similar to those achieved when using the Kiehls Advanced Night Repair (much cheaper), so I seriously doubt I would buy it again. Maybe if in the future I want to treat myself.