I received a small sample of this cream a long time ago as one of the 100 perk program of Sephora USA. As I had other moisturizers opened at that time, I ignored it until my recent trip to Paris. And oh my god!

With freezing temperatures around 0º, this moisturizer helped my skin to stay hidrated and soft during the whole trip! This is a nice, lightweight moisturizer, with a noticeable refreshing cucumber scent that goes away in a few minutes, which maybe some wouldn’t find appealing. A small amount spreads easily and absorbs quickly, perfect for using during the whole year, it should be especially good for the summer months when my skin tends to be a little oily in the T-zone.

In its composition it has lemon peel oil, which is known to be a strong skin irritant, but I haven’t had any problems in my sensitive skin. As for the anti-aging claim, I haven’t notice any changes regarding it.

Would I repurchase again? Yes, once I finish all the other moisturizers I have pilend in my bathroom’s cabinet.