Ciaté nailpolishes always hit my soft spot, the formulas are great and the colors are amazing. Today I want to share with you Silhouette, the shade I’ve been wearing nonstop this Christmas and the one I will weare on New Year’s Eve.

Silhouette is one of the prettiest vampy shades prettiest vampy shades. The color is quite dark, a very rich and warm dark burgundy red with sparkles of gold shimmer. It looks quite deep in the bottle, but it’s leaning towards red once on the nail. The color acts a bit like a chameleon, because it shifts between red and a bit purple, depending on the lighting.

It applies easily and lasts for 3-4 days without chipping. After that you do suffer from spots that go off.

Silhouette is also without any doubt a beautiful autumn and winter color for your nails.