That I am a fan of the dry shampoo is an understatement. I love it, I worship it, I can’t live without it. My hair is really oily in the roots, which means I need to wash it every other day, so using dry shampoos helps me to space the washses three or four days.

I usually buy the Batiste one, but I ran out of it and I found the Gliss Schwarzkopf at the supermarket. Later I found the Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-one in the depths of my bathroom cabinet, so I have been trying and testing them out for the last mont.

The Gliss Schwarzkopf dry shampoo is a good option when you have no time to wash your hair or you want to give it that extra “omph”. As it says in the bottle,  when you use it you will have “24 hours of anty-oil protection, more volume in your hair instantly and without any visible residues”. In my medium lenght and really straight hair, it makes wonders in the first and third departments. It does not leave any residue once you brush your hair and removes the excess oil. I find it is best to use it the night before, aply it just before going to bed and brush the hair in the morning. It gives my hair no extra volume, but my hair seems to be clean and shiny, so for me it is a great dry shampoo.

The Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-one is a  cruelty-free three-in-one volumizer, texturizer, and dry shampoo. For me this product didn’t work in any of the ways it is supposed to. I should have called it quits with this product after the initial spray left my hair looking like I was on the loosing side of a chalk battle (if there is such a thing?) in a second day hair. I couldn’t believe the intensity in which is sprayed out, and the residue it left behind, not only a white powder but a wet white powder. It seemed like I had sprayed water over my hair. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I waited the usual few minutes for it to dry, and lo-and-behold – still chalky. The scent is very pleasant (it’s arguably the only redeeming feature), but it was near impossible to fully fade it into my hair. It not only leaves a terrible residue in your hair, but once it dryed out it gave absolutely no volume at all, actually weighed my hair down making for me near to impossible to brush it through, leaving it looking like I hadn’t washed it in a month. No volume, not a good texture on the hair and it didn’t clean my hair in any way possible. This is a product I can not recommend and that I would not repurchase again.

Final conclusion: the Schwarzkopf dry shampoo is a really good purchase and I surely will buy it again soon. The Drybar one, it is not worth the money.